The third version of Firefox has emerged as the most successful leader in the browser category of all alternatives to Internet Explorer. Since the official launch of its first release in mid 2008 has not only grown in use but also in popularity, although during this time there was a launch of the greatest threat that has known so far, Google Chrome.

That is why, people from Mozilla are working hard to beat newcomer in the race to become the most popular browser. It is true that the current “saga” still has to cut fabric, then Firefox 3.6 It is planned for early 2010, and Firefox 3.7 will happen a few months later, respectively including versions 1.9.2 and 1.9.3 Gecko engine.

However, Revolutionary changes are expected from Firefox 4 hence, the creators will give their best to avoid being trampled by Microsoft, Google, Apple or any other big company who are in this field. Although, there are many things still not clear about what all features will it be bundled with but it is clear that a jump is prepared towards the tendencies that have prevailed in this area approaching more than just a desktop Web Browser, Forever changing our conception of the Internet.

Therefore, if you are a Firefox users, I am sure you may be interested to know what will the fourth version of Firefox browser bring for you. So we gather in list format all we know with certainty and what is rumored on Internet and some desires and expectations from Firefox 4.

  • Firefox 4 will be powered by Gecko 1.9.4, next release of the popular engine developed by Mozilla. Hopefully.
  • Developers of Firefox want to simplify the interface as much as possible with a more direct reference to Chrome. In fact, we already have some leaked images that show us the possibilities being considered:

  • It will be a multithreaded browser, a possibility that is already present in a hidden way in some versions of the test. In fact this necessary functionality may arrive before making the jump to Firefox 4, but obviously it is on track.
  • We expect the inclusion of small tabs or “pinned tabs, which have already made an appearance at Chrome OS, and allow us to have smaller eyelashes and always present in the bar of our browser. The next picture shows us actually how it looks:

  • There will be a complete overhaul of the browser home page, and in fact has already launched Mozilla contest anyone who wishes to submit their design proposals. Do you dare?
  • It’s arrival is expected for late 2010, probably between the months of October and November. Naturally, before we test the corresponding versions that will allow us to discover what lies ahead.

I know, Firefox 4 has a long way to release. In the mean time, you experience the consistent update release in Firefox 3 among which Firefox 3.6 is the latest version at the moment. Is there anything which you expect from Firefox 4?