Microsoft is releasing an out-of-band update for their IE vulnerability.

Internet Explorer 6 is affected and is being actively exploited in the wild.

The patch will be released on the 21st, today, see Microsoft’s Security Bulletin for additional details.

Also in Microsoft news, Security Advisory (979682). There’s a vulnerability in Windows kernel privilege escalation.

The vulnerability affects all versions of Windows (NT 3.51 up to Windows 7), on non x64-based systems, unless 16-bit application support is disabled.

There’s a workaround for disabling 16-bit support provided in Microsoft’s Security Advisory.

Disabling 16-bit applications will mitigate the issue. Then, you’ll be all set.

Unless you happen to use a 16-bit, 420 byte tool, from 1998, to convert hex to dec…

Some people still use such apps in 2010, for real.