I have received a message this morning from an ICQ account with the following text written in UTF-8 and plain text:

The message from ICQ.com
_ICQ.com: we Remind you that all ICQ numbers which have not passed activation, 1.1.2010 will be removed from a server without restoration possibility. _
_The status of yours ICQ numbers: NOT activated. _
For activation send SMS on number 8353 with the text 144444
In the reciprocal message you receive acknowledgement on activation and your password from number.
ICQ.com Together with AOL.com

One should never reply to such messages. A few observations which show why:

  1.   The text is written in a very bad English language.

Seeing the details of the user, the reason gets clear:

No comments…

  1.   1.1.2010 is already in the past. So did the spammer send the message too late?

There are only two things to do with this kind of messages:

  1. Block the user by clicking Deny

  1. Forget about it.