A while ago I was writing about twitter spam and I was trying to make a brief definition of this kind of spam: It follows a lot of users , has 1 post and is followed only by a few persons. Well, this changed now, because the theme became much more interesting for the people on Twitter: how to loose weight. Ironically, the URLs on Twitter also make a diet – they always get “compressed” using link shortener services.

The spammers changed the technique and now use Twitterfeed to automatically post any RSS feed to Tweeter. So, they have set up the account once on Twitterfeed and now they have automatic posts. Also the follower list is quite big: 1403 followers.

It doesn’t fit my definition of twitter spam anymore and it is quite complicated to determine if they are really spammers. Nevertheless, I reported them as spammers and I will check in the next couple of days if they are still active.