The Browser Choice Reloaded

1 minute read

A little more than a week ago Microsoft started delivering a new Browser Choice for Windows to be compliant to the European Union law. There are plenty of web browsers to choose from, and my colleague Sorin Mustaca recommended Firefox. Usually a good choice, but currently users should be cautious about which browser they choose:

Opera just released version 10.51 of their web browser.  According to the changelog, it fixes a vulnerability which could lead to execution of injected code. Users of opera 10.50 should update as soon as possible.

The Mozilla developers have confirmed a security hole in Firefox 3.6 which is closed in Firefox 3.6.2 Beta. If everything goes on like planned, the fixed version should be shipped next week. Users of Firefox 3.6 should use a different browser or update to the beta until the official version is out.

And then there is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which can lead to an infection. Affected are version 6 and 7, and Microsoft offers a “Fix-it” tool to deactivate the vulnerable component.

It might be a good choice to use a different Browser like Google Chrome or Safari currently. With Microsoft’s Browser Choice it should be very easy to switch to a new web browser in no time. The Browser Choice thus is a really useful tool!