ipad-colorware-200 Sure, that Apple-flavored brushed aluminum finish might work for most iPad owners, but what if you’re a unique snowflake whose extremely non-conformist identity must be reflected in every item of consumer electronics you own?

Enter the folks at ColorWare, who want to help add some serious Technicolor flair to your shiny new Apple tablet. You can customize your own look and feel by picking your a color scheme for the back, logo and home button separately using the company’s web-based Design Studio.

Unfortunately, your commitment to non-conformity comes at a steep price: a $410 service charge, to be exact. You can either send in your own iPad or pay the retail price plus service charge to order a new unit directly from ColorWare. You’d be looking at shelling out $1,110 to get a custom colored 64 GB iPad, but then, what’s the cost of your individuality? Priceless.

As you’re watching the video below, be sure to listen to that song from the tunnel scene in Willy Wonka. Would you be willing to part with $410 to have your iPad show your true colors?