sobees-fb-top We need a native iPad app for Facebook but until Facebook HQ gets around to making one, the next best thing has just arrived via social media aggregator sobees.

sobees for Facebook [iTunes link] is an iPad app that lets you manage your Facebook experience in a native app designed to take advantage of the iPad’s enlarged screen.
The app, which is free through the end of May, provides many of the features that Facebook fans have been looking for in an iPad app. This includes the ability to:

  • View status updates, links, pictures, wall posts and videos from friends.
  • Look at all of your friends’ pictures on one page (like a real “face book”).
  • View your friends’ profiles and walls.
  • Manage events and birthdays with an optimized calendar.
  • Update your own status and post comments or likes to the statuses of others.
  • View recent photo albums from your friends and family members.


Check out this video which shows off the app in action:

Given the dearth of good Facebook options for the iPad, we’re glad that an app like sobees for Facebook is available. It’s a good example of how third-party tools can still offer a valuable — and sometimes superior — experiences in their own right.