prince_of_persia Right now, the words “Prince of Persia” probably make you think of muscular Jake Gyllenhaal jumping from building to building. The video game the movie is based on, however, is a remake of an ancient platform-style game with the same name, released for Apple II and later ported to PC and other platforms.

The original game now seems to be coming to the iPhone under the title Prince of Persia Retro.

Back in 1989, when the game was first released, it boasted amazing animation, mind-boggling puzzles, addictive gameplay and an incredibly eerie atmosphere. It was also quite difficult to play — one wrong step and you were severed in two or killed in some other gruesome way by one of the many traps sprinkled around the Sultan’s palace, in which the game is set.

The game was due to be released by Ubisoft on 4/29/2010, but it’s still not available in the App Store. Hopefully, it’ll appear there soon.