The Internet is growing fast, but Google is growing even faster. According to online security company Arbor Networks, Google now represents an average 6.4% of all Internet traffic.

This is a new record for Google, as it gained more than 1% of all Internet traffic share since January. Now, only one global ISP handles more traffic, and a lot of that traffic is – unsurprisingly – Google’s traffic.

The number is even more incredible if you consider that Internet traffic is growing at a staggering 40% to 45% each year, and Google is still gaining market share.

However, Google’s share may be even bigger, possibly up to 8% to 12%, if you account for traffic offloaded by Google Global Cache deployments, Arbor Networks’ Craig Labovitz claims.

So far, Google’s revenue seems to be keeping up with its traffic; we wonder which one will grow faster?

Taken from Mashable