wikileaks1WikiLeaks is currently not available at It recently lost its DNS service provider, and the site itself has been battered by DDoS attacks for more than a week now – ever since it first started releasing secret embassy cables.

However, when highly coveted information once spreads on the web, there’s no stopping it. Case in point: WikiLeaks currently has several hundred mirrors, and although some of these mirrors are incomplete, slow or perhaps even completely unavailable, it’s highly unlikely that any effort will be able to exterminate them all.


Obviously, WikiLeaks was never about one website. As large U.S. companies such as Amazon and PayPal fold under pressure, refusing to give service to WikiLeaks, thousands of enthusiasts help WikiLeaks out by hosting a mirror of the site, uploading a torrent with the latest cables or by donating to the site.

Some of them do it because they are advocates of free speech, some of them do it because they support the cause, and some do it just for the heck of it. And with simple instructions on how to set up a WikiLeaks mirror readily available, anyone can do it. The result? Regardless of what any nation, company or organization wants, WikiLeaks isn’t going away.