google-tv_0Google really isn’t happy with its TV operating system. In addition to telling companies not to mention their Google TV products at CES next month, now it looks like the search company is actively stopping production on a device that’s already been released.

According to a report on, Logitech has ordered a suspension of all Logitech Revue components from its supplier, Gigabyte Technology. The Revue is Logitech’s set-top box that turns any TV into a Google TV.

While Logitech isn’t commenting on the product suspension, rumors are now circulating that it’s because of Google’s intervening.

After the Revue, as well as Sony’s Google TV-enabled Internet TV, received mediocre reviews and lackluster sales, Google appears to want to go back to the drawing board. Next month’s CES was supposed to be a grand celebration of the new television platform, but now Google TV will be notably absent.

TV companies like Toshiba and LG will have to make last-minute changes to their CES lineup, at the request of Google.

Digitimes reports that Logitech has only requested a suspension of its component sales until later in January. What Google could possibly hope to accomplish in just one month is anyone’s guess.