Security Vulnerabilities in Chrome

1 minute read

new-chrome-logoAvira TechBlog: It looks like new Chrome releases aren’t due every six weeks as Google announced a few weeks ago, but once a week now – the company just released Chrome 10.0.648.204 and fixes 6 highly critical security vulnerabilities with it. Those security vulnerabilities allow attackers to smuggle in malware like Trojans without the user noticing.

That is why the automatic update mechanism is so important: When clicking on the tool symbol and choosing the “About Google Chrome” menu entry, the version check should show that Chrome is already on the current release – or offer to download and install the update in case that didn’t happen yet.

Chrome currently seems one of the best secured web browsers. Not only does it feature great mechanisms like sandboxing each browser tab from the others and putting PDFs and Flash into separate processes, but as soon as security holes get public, the bugfix release doesn’t take long. Great work, Google!