Posted by the Stop. Think. Connect. Campaign on Homeland Security

Cyber predators are real. They use the anonymity of the Internet to target victims, especially today’s youth, with unwanted solicitations, harassment, and fraud. It’s important that parents discuss ways to stay safe online with their children, particularly before they use social networking sites.

US-CERT offers the following tips for parents to help ensure their children stay safe online:

  • Monitor computer activity – Keep your computer in an open area and be aware of what your children are doing, including who they’re talking to and what websites they’re visiting.
  • Inform children of online risks – Discuss appropriate Internet behavior that is suitable for the child’s age, knowledge, and maturity. Talk to children about the dangers and risks of the Internet so that they recognize suspicious activity and secure their personal information.
  • Keep lines of communication open – Let your children know that they can approach you with any questions or concerns about behaviors or problems they may have encountered on the Internet. 

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