I’m almost 23 years old and I’m not that old that to say much about life and teach you how to live, and maybe I’m wrong in many stuff, so here I write my thoughts and please correct me if you think I’m wrong, all your opinions, positive or negative is welcome:

Asking for help is not a good solution: Nobody care about more than yourself, nobody think same way as you, asking for help only will give some info to other people to be able bother you, The reason is that I’ve experienced that situation many many times.

Never relay on anyone in your life: No one, even closest friend or family or partner or parents, They will leave you alone at least once in the worst time you need them, so build your life based on the thinking that “I’m all alone, now how I should deal with this?”, in that situation if someone help you, life will be beautiful, if not, you would not get in trouble because you have been expecting this.

The thing majority do, is not always right: Even if 99% of people do something, its not mean that is a good thing or its correct, use your brain before doing anything.

Never expect anything from anyone: Yes, never!, no matter what, either emotional or financial, it will ruin your friendships and also cause many problem for you, so love your family and friends for who they are and not for what they do for you, This way even if they never help you and never do anything for you, you can still remain friend and don’t feel alone, yes maybe this would look like a Fake friendship, but it works sometimes and you would not feel alone often or get mad at your friends.

Don’t allow your friends promise you anything: People forget their promise sometimes, some people do it easily and often, so don’t let them promise you, its better.

Never trust your friends 100%, They can be 2 faced: No matter how beautiful they speak, no matter what they promise you and no matter how long you know them, Don’t believe them easily, to avoid get a hard time when you see their other face, don’t get too close to them and don’t think of them as best friends.

Help people understand you, they may don’t be smart enough: Do NOT be selfish, Do NOT be silly, Do NOT be perky, but sometimes remind people good things about yourself!

Help people when you can, but not in a way they think its your job to do: Yeah, be kind to people, always, but avoid to look humble or make people think if you are helping them its your job, Its NOT your job, Its you being kind!!!

Don’t waste your time, Some people will never understand: You cannot change some people, so don’t get mad at them if they don’t understand, It can be even a physical problem or…

Religion, politic, waste of time: Yeah, both of them are waste of time, so let me make it easy for you, religion is “Don’t Lie, Don’t Steal, Be Kind, Respect Humanity, Don’t be Lazy in your Life” and Politic is something you never can change and inspecting that until will give you reason to become sad, so if you dislike politic of where you live, move!.

There is much more to say, but I think its enough for now.
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