Symantec Connect: Television channels across the world are set to be at the 14th International Exhibition and Forum, World Content Show, held Feb 7- 9, 2012, in Russia. The exhibition showcases the latest technologies and trends in the TV and telecommunication industry.

This techno-fair will be attended in large numbers by leading media businesses, and spammers don’t want to miss the opportunity to circulate spam around the event. In a bid to catch the reader’s attention, one such spam email reveals some appealing facts about the event, such as Interactive Elements, Prize Drawings, Performance of Popular Leader/Star, and Colorful Musical Concerts.

Here is an example of this Russian spam observed by Symantec:



Here are the subject lines observed in the Russian spam attack:

  • Subject: Российские и иностранные телеканалы на фес тивале World Content Show-2012
    Translated Subject: Russian and foreign channels on the Tiwal World Content Show-2012
  • Subject: World Content Show-2012