whitney-170SophosLabs: The death of pop superstar Whitney Houston made headlines around the world this weekend, and it didn’t take long for fraudsters and cybercriminals to cash in on the singer’s death.

For instance, messages have been seen shared on Facebook claiming to link to a video of Whitney Houston’s autopsy.

According to the messages, the video of Whitney Houston’s autopsy “reveals a shocking secret that explains her death”.

Here’s what a typical message looks like:


- Whitney Houstons autopsy reveals a shocking secret that explains her death.

Breaking News: Coroners autopsy reports reveals a dark past and secret life which tragically led to Whitney Houstons death.

Clicking on the link will take your browser which appears to show a YouTube video embedded on what looks like a Facebook webpage. However, a message on the page says that the video cannot be played as your version of Adobe Flash needs to be updated.


Of course, you should only ever download an update for your installation of Flash from the *real* Adobe website, so my recommendation would be very wary about downloading any software that this bogus webpage might serve up to you, or any scam survey pages that it might direct you towards.

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