gHacks: Dropbox has just released a stable update that brings all desktop clients of the file synchronization and hosting service to 1.4. Feature-wise, it is not really a big change to previous versions, especially not so if you have been running experimental versions of the client before.

When you look at the new feature set, you will notice that photo import from cameras, phones and SD cards is on top of that list. This is followed by a new batch upload and download option for files, and smaller cosmetic changes, like a fix for the missing camera upload icon on Mac OS X, or new tour screens for first time users.

The developers note that Dropbox users running version 1.3.4 of the client will be automatically updated to the new version once it gets picked up by the local installation. Dropbox users who do not want to wait for this to happen can head over to the Dropbox website to download the new desktop clients for their operating system right away.

Today we’re ready to tell the second part in our photos story: now with Dropbox you can automatically upload from just about any camera, tablet, SD card or smartphone — pretty much anything that takes photos or videos! Plus, you can view your uploaded pictures on the web from our spiffy new Photos page!

Dropbox users who make use of the new photo upload feature benefit from this in two ways. They first can increase their available cloud storage by up to 3 Gigabytes doing so, and they second can watch their photos on the new photos page that is offering previews of photos directly on the Dropbox website.


Photos are displayed as thumbnails on the photos pages sorted by month. A click opens them in full size in the browser, with options to download them to the local PC, or to use the service’s sharing feature to share them with a link.