new-chrome-logoGoogle has closed a total of 23 vulnerabilities with the release of Chrome 20. Of those vulnerabilities, 14 are rated critical, enabling attackers to execute code in the browser’s sandbox, among other things. Integer overflow vulnerabilities in the code for processing PDF files and Matroska containers (.mkv) have also been fixed. Chrome 20 also includes the latest version of Adobe’s Flash Player on Linux, using the new cross-platform Pepper API. In testing at The H, it was confirmed that the Flash Player support also works on 64-bit Linux systems.

Google has also embedded the “Chrome to Mobile” feature that was previously available as an extension; if the Google account that is registered with Chrome is also linked with an Android phone, the current web page can be forwarded to the smartphone by clicking on the mobile phone symbol in the address bar. This feature only works with a phone running the beta of Chrome for Android, which requires Android 4.0 or higher.

Chrome usually updates automatically in the background. Users can find out whether the current version has already been installed by clicking on the wrench icon and selecting “About Google Chrome”. If required, a manual update can be triggered this way.