secunia-psiVersion 3 of Personal Software Inspector (PSI), Secunia‘s free program updater, has been released with a much simplified user interface, enabling less technically astute users to keep their Windows applications up to date as well.

According to Secunia, the automatic updater has also been enhanced. PSI is now able to keep programs from more than 3,000 companies up to date, though, as before, PSI only cares about updates which fix security vulnerabilities. Version 3 also includes additional translations, including German. The software checks the user’s computer for outdated program versions known to contain vulnerabilities and either installs updates or provides links to download them.

Secunia has reintroduced a number of functions found in previous versions which had been missing from February’s beta version. The new version includes up to date programs in its list of detected applications again and there is now an indicator that shows installation progress.

PSI is free for private use. Secunia also offers a commercial alternative for businesses in the form of its Corporate Software Inspector, which has extended administration options.