Mozilla Firefox: Mozilla has released a new update for Firefox, Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1, This version comes with Google Secure search by default, flat buttons in toolbar and some Performance improvement and security fixes. Read more in Mozilla Blog.


Mozilla Thunderbird: Mozilla also updated Thunderbird, Mozilla Thunderbird 14, This version mostly focus on stability, performance and security fixes. I think we cannot expect much more new feature in Thunderbird anymore, Mozilla has announced that they changed the way they develop Thunderbird, Read it yourself in Mozilla Blog.


Mozilla SeaMonkey: SeaMonkey updated to 2.11, This version is common update for Security, stability and performance update. Release note is available in SeaMonkey Project website.


Panda Cloud Antivirus: This is a major update to Panda Cloud Antivirus, Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.0.0, In this version you will see a community based firewall (pro version only) and now behavioral analyze engine is available for free users, offline protection is improved and much more, Read more about that in Panda Cloud Antivirus Blog.


More Updates: System Internals updated it’s suite, Process Explorer 15.22, Handle 3.5, Process Monitor 3.03, RAMMap 1.21, ZoomIt 4.3. Find what’s new in TechNet Blog.