This is a picture that ‘The New York Times’ shared today:

David and Arlan

David and Arlan Tackley inspect parched corn on a farm near El Dorado, Kan. The latest forecasts call for increasingly dry conditions over much of the nation’s breadbasket, which could lead to higher food prices. (Photo: Mashid Mohadjerin for The New York Times)

It made me thinking what we are doing to our planet? How much really we care and what we have done to save it?

Above picture is just a very very small sample of what’s happening with us (to me, this picture is sign of a bigger disaster, I don’t care about the prices here), we all know that something is wrong and we all can talk about it for a long time (so I’m not going into details) but really what we are doing in our everyday life for it? Let’s don’t blame anyone else other than ourselves.

I’m not saying don’t drive your car, I’m not saying turn-off your lights, I’m not saying don’t take bath everyday, I’m saying why we don’t put more effort on finding a better (cheaper and easier) solution for our old style cars to make them more environment friendly? Why we are not putting more effort on better ideas for Electric Power source that be cheaper and more environment friendly and so we don’t need to care for saving.

I for one claim that I’ve never done anything for that, what about you? What you are doing or what you have done? Or you too just care about your today?

Let’s think more about this, it’s not about saving Artic or Antarctic, it’s not about saving some rare animals, it’s about us all together, we all (environment, humans, animals) belong to each other and if only one of us get a problem others will too, so save the environment if you want to save your own life.