Google Operation System Blog: Google has a new favicon that looks like the icon from Google’s mobile search apps for Android and iOS. The same icon was also used for the Google Search app from the Chrome Web Store.

Most likely, Google wanted to use the same icon irrespective of the platform so that it becomes instantly recognizable.
Here’s the new favicon:


… and the old favicon, which was launched back in 2009:



This screenshot shows the first three Google favicons. As you can see, the new favicon has a lot in common with the second favicon used by Google. “We felt the small ‘g’ had many of the characteristics that best represent our brand: it’s simple, playful, and unique. We will be looking to improve and enhance this icon as we move forward,” said Google back in 2008, when it changed the favicon for the first time.


If you don’t see the new favicon when you visit, try clearing your browser’s cache.