Say it even if they (whether it’s a he or she) don’t listen, even if you are afraid or even if you are too shy.

Stand up! Nobody’s dying to save you, Speak up! Nobody’s waiting to see you, Wake up! Nobody’s working to pay you…

Say it, say that you are dying to see her once again, say that you will do everything to see her again, say it that she is all you world but you are just ashamed to tell her about that, say that you cannot stop thinking about her but you don’t dare to say that, say it!

Yeah, go on and admit that you did not dare to speak up because you see yourself too poor, because you see no end in speaking up, in admitting those facts, you are honest but it has no use, you need much more than just ‘honesty’ to be brave and speak up!

Go on, be brave, brave brave brave! Don’t be rude, don’t be egotistical, don’t be selfish, but don’t be shy too, life is too short to make your shyness an excuse for wasting it. Don’t kill yourself inside, don’t let yourself burn inside, act up! If you got something positive then you have won and if you got what you did not wish, then at lease you know this is done.

Burning inside for what? Why you don’t act up? Why you don’t speak up? Not all people think of you as poor as you think about yourself, you are losing everyone around yourself for one who you won’t have, and why you won’t have; because you are shy, because you do not have enough self-confidence.

If you could balance ‘egotistical’ and ‘shyness’, ‘rudeness’ and ‘friendship’ then you are doing something right and hope in good.