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Bob Gostischa, Owner, KraftyKomputing: “Omid and I along with many others did beta testing of various versions of avast! anti virus software.” April 14, 2011

Preston Tullos, Owner, Tullos International: “I have received numerous pieces of information from Omid that were helpful, timely, and thorough. As an owner of an internet-based business, this has helped me.” April 12, 2011

Joy Reardon .., meat cutter, retired: “Omid is a true professional to everyone he comes in contact with. He has helped me with computer needs several times. I know he has helped many, many others with there questions, including sending links and instructions how to use them. He is also great with people, and very much loved.” April 10, 2011

Bob Gostischa, Owner, KraftyKomputing: “I’ve known Omid for several years via Internet since we are both members of the Avast Support Forum. Omid has always been willing and able to lend a hand in solving problems for those that visited the support forum. He’s done an excellent job when doing beta testing and has spent countless hours doing this tedious job. He would be an asset at what ever job he finally decides to except.” September 4, 2011

Dick .: This is an excellent start Omid, …[snipped]…Keep up the good work, I look forward to watching this develope and have put it on my favorites list. Nov. 19

Larry: …nice page, thank you for your advice on my 911 questions about computers…. Nov. 24

Dick .: Omid your site is coming along very nicely, you have covered the basics quite well and something to offer most any one. Nov. 26