Advanced File Analyze

If you have any unknown or suspect file in your computer and you want to know what they do, e.g. if they are malware or not or every other kind of analyze etc feel free to send them to me, I will check them as soon I鈥檝e got free time and will send back the result to you. How to send files? Please visit Contact Me and tell me about the problem you have, I鈥檒l send you preferred method to share files....

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Malware Removal

If your computer is infected with malwares or viruses (or even if you are in doubt if your computer has malware or not) first you can try to follow my malware removal guide. But if you failed to complete the malware removal process or if you cannot do it yourself, I will try to disinfect your systems. This service is free and will cost you nothing, malware removal process will be done through Remote Assistant connection and it need your computer being able to boot up and connect to internet....

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Ongoing Website Support

After launch of your website I will be always available to update, maintain and develop new features for your website. What happens when you need to add a new feature to your website? Maybe you want a new landing page with creative layers or maybe a new contact form which automatically add new contacts into your mailing lists. These are stuff which you may learn how to do by spending sometime, but it鈥檚 a better and wise idea to let a web developer do them for you....

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Remote Assistant

If you have a technical problem that you are unable to solve it yourself, I will try to solve it for you, not all problems can be solved via remote access since some of them need physical access or boot into special environments that remote connections wont work there, but usually problems like broken programs, malware infections and common maintenance can be done via remote connections. Agreement By Requesting Remote Assistant you agree that you have read and understand this agreement:...

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Technical Queries

I鈥檒l try to assist you for Programming, Networking and Linux OS. Please visit Contact Me and tell me about the problem you have, try to add as much information as you can so I can assist you better and faster.

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Web Development

I would like to make web development routine as simple as possible. Once I start developing a web project I want to imagine the best you want and I will try to make the closest one to it. When we agree on the final design, I prefer to start a testing environment so we can see the progress step by step and change it whenever needed. So it will prevent wasting time and make it a team work....

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