I would like to make web development routine as simple as possible. Once I start developing a web project I want to imagine the best you want and I will try to make the closest one to it.

When we agree on the final design, I prefer to start a testing environment so we can see the progress step by step and change it whenever needed. So it will prevent wasting time and make it a team work.

Once we are done, I will move it all from testing environment to your domain. I know what happens during this movement so I can prevent possible issues during this change, like common problems that happens with email inboxes or broken internal links. I can make your own mail server on your domain too, if needed.

It’s years of experience, so we can start project with more confidence!


  • Accepting whole project, from ordering Domain, to develop and setting up hosting
  • Using best practices with newest frameworks
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Optimized for various network and region targeted visitors
  • Search Engine Optimized (A+)
  • Ongoing Website Support

If you have more questions or if you want to start a new project, contact me now.