Victim Of Ritual

The “Victim Of Ritual” music video from the new album “Colours In The Dark” by Tarja Turunen is now visible worldwide Download the single & video via iTunes: Click here to pre-order the new album “Colours In The Dark”: Watch the official Lyric Video for “Never Enough” from “Colours In The Dark”: It all starts with a mystic woman dressed in black, slowly striding through long corridors: Tarja. Cut....

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Tarja's new promo photos for Colours In The Dark

New promo photos by Eugenio Mazzinghi for upcoming album Colours In The Dark

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Tarja Turunen's new album `Colours In The Dark`

We have been waiting for it, Tarja will be releasing a new album August 2013, the new album is called “Colours In The Dark”, She explain the album title: As the title already clearly points out, you can expect a dark album, but filled with colours. Current song listing is: Never Enough Into The Sun Medusa Lucid Dreamer Neverlight Until Silence Deliverance Later she says: And for the third time the album title comes from a line of one of the songs....

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Tarja Turunen Performed “Act 1” Live in Rosario

Act 1 is the first Live concert released by Tarja. It was released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray on the 24th of August, 2012. “Act 1” is the first live album from the Finnish former Nightwish soprano, Tarja Turunen. The two concerts were recorded and filmed with 10 HD cameras at the El Círculo Theatre in Rosario, Argentina, in March 2012. The track listing consists in a mix of her three solo albums, Nightwish’s classic Nemo and covers of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gary Moore and Whitesnake plus a variety of extras....

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Tarja Turunen

The brightest star of the Finnish rock scene, the soprano singer Tarja Turunen has in a short time become one of the most well-known Finnish faces in the world of music. Turunen, who was born in the city of Kitee, Finland, started her musical studies at the age of six, and moved to study classical singing at the age 18 at the Sibelius Academy of Kuopio city. At the same time Tarja’s classmate Tuomas Holopainen was starting his acoustical project, and invited Turunen to join the band....

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