Facebook farewells flaky SHA-1

Facebook has set the date: on September 30, the ancient and creaking SHA-1 hashing algorithm will make its tumbril trip and get the chop. SHA-1, designed by the NSA in 1995, is a one-way algorithm: a block of data is turned into a message digest. The digest can鈥檛 be turned back into the original message, but serves as a digital signature confirming the authenticity of (for example) the software you鈥檝e downloaded....

June 5, 2015 路 2 min 路 255 words 路 Omid Farhang

Check for Windows Updates

3 Step to make sure your windows is fully updated and patched to have fast, stable and secure windows: Update windows, office and other Microsoft products automatically:聽Microsoft Update Check for update for common windows programs:聽FileHippo.com Update Checker Check if you have insecure program using聽Secunia

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