AV-Comparatives Summary Reports 2009 Available!
Summary Report 2009

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Overall winners of 2009 (Best Products of the Year by AV-Comparatives):

To be rated “Best Anti-Virus Product of 2009” by AV-Comparatives, an Anti-Virus product should preferably have very high detection rates (of malware and also potentially unwanted applications), high proactive on-demand detection (or provide proactive protection), very few false positives (FP), scan fast and reliably with a low system impact, provide good malware removal capabilities, protect the system against malware/websites with malicious software without relying too much on user decisions/interactions, cause no crashes or hangs, and have no annoying bugs.
Based on the awards given by AV-Comparatives during 2009, several products got many high awards and are very close, so that we decided to award not only the Best Product of 2009 but also the second and third places (Silver and Bronze). Looking into the detail of the raw results, we decided to give the following awards:

  1. GOLD: Symantec (Best Product of 2009) 
  2. SILVER: Kaspersky