Have you stood outside the restaurant and thought whether to go inside? Google solves this problem very easily. It has come out with yet another mind bobbling feature with Andriods and the iPhone. This Feature is known as ‘Near Me Now’. When you open google.com in your mobile like Andriods or iPhone, you see a small new addition to homepage that  is ‘Near Me Now’ option below your search box.

Functionality of Near Me Now

When you open google.com your location turn into a search query automatically. This enables you to Google search and find out restaurants, coffee shops, ATM’s, banks and bars near your obtained location.
There also is an Option called ‘Explore right here’, this reveals the important places near your obtained location.  This feature also provides the rating for restaurants,coffee shop and bars with distance from your present location. For showing this result Google uses customer review sites like Foursquare, Yelp and LBS(Location Based Services) application like Twitter, Facebook Status Updates and Loopt.


This feature is currently available in the United States of America only. As for the Indians we still stay deprived of the pleasure of using this feature with no prospects of it releasing in the near future.