A day after the disaster that struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti, Rogue perpetrators have once again been busy with their SEO poisoning schemes. Searching for terms related to this earthquake leads to a website that installs a Rogue into the system.

It happens when an unsuspecting user searches for Haiti Earthquake details.

 Happily clicking the link leads to this page:

Then this…

And this…

Wait! What’s that? F-Secure?!? Nice try… They definitely don’t support this malware.

After dragging the F-Secure name to its wares… It finally downloads the rogue component.

Installs itself, then scares the user.

Threats found? Don’t believe it.

to prevent such problems, keep your Antivirus updated, use a site advisor such as WOT to prevent visiting bad/unknown links, Immunize your computer by blocking known malware domains.