Adobe Flash is a well well known plugin used today by most of the internet users. Its next upgrade i.e version 10.1 will get private browsing support. Flash player will now automatically clean all flash history of your computer once you end the session. It will use the same technique as used in browsers supporting private browsing.

As you end the session the browsers in private mode automatically clears cookies, history and data, similarly flash will also remove any user password, login information or data stored that were associated while working in flash environment.

While using the private mode even flash games and applications will not be able to access your browser data and history. You can access your microphone and camera as normal but you cannot increase your storage limit while in private mode. Presently only browsers supporting private browsing will be able to integrate with its new features.

Supported Browsers

Browsers currently supported by the new Adobe version are:

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above.
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 and above.
  • Google Chrome 1.0 and above.

Adobe has also announced support for future versions of Safari.

This new function of adobe will help you keep more tight security of your privacy. There is a developer pre-release, complete version may be released in first half of this Year.

For more information visit: Adobe Labs