Job opportunity without a single name

2 minute read

Today we received some job hiring emails that looked like this:

It has been formatted nicely and appears to have come from a large job search website.

The message reads as follows:

Dear Job Seeker,

Upon reviewing your resume on we have decided to offer you a job opportunity with our company. The job position is for a Payment Manager/Payments Processor in your area with no obligation to relocate.

Job strong-point: commissions without sales.

Job Type:

  • Accounting – Finance
  • Admin – Clerical
  • Customer Service


  • Proficiency at using Microsoft Office
  • Possibility to check e-mail three times per day
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residence/green card
  • Desired education level: High School
  • Experience: no requirements
  • Required travel: no
  • Relocation: no


  • Bonuses and commissions for each processed order
  • No contact with our customers

Salary and commissions:

  • Salary plus commissions: $85,000-$95,000 per year
  • Employment type: full-time or part-time

Please contact us by replying to this e-mail if you are interested and we will provide more information.

HR Department

You might be tempted to try out your luck with such a generous offer, but before doing that, the lack of your name and absence of the hiring company’s name should arouse suspicion about this mail.

The Reply-To field in the mail header tells another story, that the sender is probably not from a well set-up business. Otherwise why would they send the email a main website address, but have you reply to an AOL account?

In fact, this is a typical example of money mule hiring scams that are constantly seen in spam messages.

Always think twice before responding when you are contacted by a potential employer, especially when there’s no mention of the name of the company that is actually interested.