Paladin Antivirus is a phony security program, designed to rip people off. Paladin Antivirus tricks people into thinking they are downloading a legit antivirus software, then continually displays false security alerts and warnings followed up with a requests for users to buy or register the software.

Once a computer becomes infected with Paladin Antivirus it will instantly begin a system scan and will report multiple infections. Paladin Antivirus will refuse to remove any of these supposed infections until the user buys or “registers” the software. Do not fall for this scam.

Paladin Antivirus will also use pop-up system warnings and alerts stating the PC is has numerous infections or is under attack and suggests purchase of the software to ensure protection.

Unfortunately if you fall for the Paladin Antivirus scam, you will quickly learn you have been ripped off. Paladin Antivirus will not prevent infections nor will it remove existing infections. Paladin Antivirus is an infection in itself.

If your computer is infected with this malware, you should remove it soon, see Virus Removing to learn how to remove it.