If after following this guide you failed disinfecting your computer, or you cannot follow this guide yourself, I will be available to help you.

The most important thing in fighting malwares is:

  • Do NOT Panic.
  • Do NOT Hurry.
  • Do NOT ignore any step in removal guide unless I tell you.

This manual for removing malwares can be used for either minor or major malware infection.

  1. Download and Burn Avira Rescue CD to a blank Disc, Boot your computer using that and let it scan and remove malwares detected (How to use Avira Rescue CD?).
  2. Restart your computer into safe-mode with networking. (How to use Safe Mode?)
  3. Clean temporary files using TFC[Let it reboot your computer, come back to Safe Mode With Networking]
  4. Download HitmanPro to your desktop, run it in force breach mode (Click here to learn how) and click next to scan your computer, let it remove the malwares it find, if it ask you for license active the 30 Days trial version. after removal, restart your computer. [Try it in Safe Mode With Networking]
  5. Download, install and update Malwarebytes Antimalware, let it scan your computer and remove everything it find [Try in Safe Mode With Networking].
  6. Download and run avast! Browser Cleanup to cleanup and reset your browsers.
  7. Download and install HostsMan.
    after install run it, click on “update Hosts”, choose “MVPS Hosts” (and you may choose “Peter Lowe’s AdServers List” for blocking Ads) and in below options choose “Overwrite Current” hosts. this step would immunize your Hosts File and would prevent any internet traffic to malware sites/domains and also would fix Windows Hosts File if it has been HiJacked by malwares.
  8. Disable System Restore and then re-enable it again. Learn more how and why?
  9. If you have windows installation disc, insert it into drive, open Run command from start menu (In windows vista/7, open start menu and type ‘Run’ and then press enter) and type ‘sfc /scannow’. this will check windows for mission or corrupted files and will restore them from disc. sometimes during getting infection or malware removal some files might get corrupted or being deleted which this action will solve it.
  10. Make sure your windows and all installed programs are fully updated and there are no insecure program: Check for Update.

also you may do some additional scans too, here is some of them:

You can use some online scanner too, different sites offer it for free [External Links]: