Communications security firm FaceTime of Belmont, Calif., has released the results of a survey (of 1654 people) that strongly indicates we are all using a lot of Web 2.0 applications at work and a third of our IT staffs aren’t aware of it. It was FaceTime’s fifth annual survey.
Social media and Web 2.0 apps are being used by virtually all end users (99 percent) to support business processes, but 38 percent of IT professionals surveyed think there is no social networking on their networks.

Web 2.0 and social media prevalence:

  • Web chat: found in 95 percent of organizations
  • Instant Messaging: reported by 40 percent of IT staffs
  • Social networks: 27 percent of IT staffs
  • Tools such as Twitter: used for work by 78 percent, according to end users.

The survey also found widespread use of Skype, file sharing, web conferencing and IPTV.

Fifty three percent of the end users surveyed said that newer Web 2.0 tools were “better than those provided by my employer.”

FaceTime said 69 percent of the organizations they surveyed reported at least one Web 2.0-related attack,

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