Google is set to launch an app store for business next week, Mashable has learned from sources close to the company. It will be focused around creating software for Google Apps and could launch as soon as Tuesday.

Early last month, news leaked about Google working on its own app store that would give third-party apps and developers the opportunity to sell their software to customers of Google Apps. This included options for increasing security, word-processing and information porting/syncing.

When reached for comment, a Google spokesperson told us, “We’re constantly working with our partners to deliver more solutions to businesses, but we have nothing to announce at this time.”

Nonetheless, we’re fairly confident that you will see Google’s app store officially announced next week — consistent with The Wall Street Journal’s report last month that suggested a March launch date. It looks to be another strong by move by Google to compete with Microsoft in the enterprise, with its own version of Office and the rich ecosystem that surrounds it, but entirely in the cloud.

Who exactly will launch with the app store next week and how it’ll work, we’ll soon find out.