If you have children that play Neopets, you might want to warn them about this website or insert it into a blocklist of your choosing. The site is Neopoints(dot)tk, and promises lots of free Neopoints related items, with the help of a cute mascot called “Tuma the Draik”. I think there was a Norwegian prog rock group from the 70s called that, but I could be wrong.

Of particular note here is the fact the site claims to offer “free magic paintbrushes”. These items are incredibly rare in Neopets land, and an excited child could easily wander into this particular trap as a result.

You’re no doubt waiting for the sting in the tail – well, here it comes:

The child is asked to fill in their Account name, Password, Security PIN and Email address before hitting “Done”. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to bet on “total and utter fake”.

The .tk URL currently points to


This will probably change as the free webhost for the phish terminates the account, but I don’t think the .tk URL will start pointing to anything legitimate in the near future so it’s probably one to keep an eye on.