BlackBerry users rejoice, Google Maps for mobile just got a huge update that adds support for voice search, Google Buzz and more.

Google Maps for BlackBerry has always been a feature rich application, but the additions to Google Maps 4.0 bring it more in line with their offerings for the iPhone and Google’s own Android platform.

Here are some of the highlights of the new version:

  • Search by voice: Google’s voice search feature is now supported by all BlackBerry devices, meaning users can search using phrases or even addresses, just as users can on the iPhone or Android.
  • Google Buzz: Google Buzz for mobile is also now available with a heavy focus on Buzz’s geolocation feature. This means that you can see what’s going on nearby and also post your own public Buzz messages. This instantly adds some Yelp-like functionality to the app.
  • Personalized searches and starred item support: If you have Web History enabled on your Google Account, you can save time typing search queries in because Google will provide you with suggestions based on your previous searches. So if you found a place at home but didn’t write down the number, you can just type in a few letters on your phone and it will pop right up. You can also synchronize your starred items between your computer and your phone, which is great for keeping track of places you want to visit or need to get directions to.
  • Labs: Google Maps 4.0 supports Labs features like the terrain layer and scale adjustments.
  • Find nearby businesses: You can view nearby businesses by selecting a point on a map or your current location.

To install Google Maps 4.0 for BlackBerry, visit in your BlackBerry’s web browser and install the update.

BlackBerry users: What do you think of the new features?