The Indian Premier League 2010 is a huge attraction for the cricket-crazy population in India. These matches are packed with all the ingredients to entertain, and are capable of satisfying viewers’ hunger for more and more cricket matches. People are ready to buy tickets in all possible ways just to watch their local and international cricket stars play. Symantec was anticipating a spamming campaign against ticket sales during the initial period of the sporting extravaganza; however, it is just halfway through the event and still not too late to lure email users with offers related to IPL tickets.

Symantec has now come across few spam samples that offer free tickets/passes to the recipients. In return, users need to register on a website. After registering with this website, spammers claim that users may receive a free IPL ticket through a lucky draw.

Here are a few sample images of the spam messages:

These types of messages use known tactics to gather personal information—usually email addresses that will most likely be sold to other spammers. Email addresses registered on websites may also become the targets of new spam campaigns. If users wish to register on a website, we advise that they should always check the website’s reputation. Without verification, users may unknowingly opt themselves to all kinds of spamming campaigns.

Spammers are obviously bowling to get the user’s wicket! We suggest that users read this bowler’s mind and leave the deliveries alone. 😉