YouTube Returns Blogs Some Link Love

1 minute read

You may have noticed that certain YouTube videos have a link below them pointing to a popular blog. This little “As seen on” link is Google’s way to thank blogs that have promoted popular videos on their site.
If you’re wondering why this or that site hasn’t been linked, it’s hard to say, since there are no clear guidelines as to when a site will be given a link-back. From YouTube’s official blog:

“If a blog or site is responsible for driving a significant amount of a video’s views, that site will be credited on the page.”

Furthermore, YouTube claims it’s an experimental feature, currently working on a “range of popular videos.” YouTube does, however, plan to turn it into a permanent feature “soon”. While we don’t expect the link to return huge amounts of traffic to blogs, it’s still a nice touch that makes it a little more worthwhile to embed that YouTube video into your posts.