Avid readers of the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Blog (and really, how can you not be?) know that yesterday, April 13th, marked the end of support for Windows Vista RTM, also known as Windows Vista SP0.

We’d like to say that we’ll miss Vista RTM. We’d like to say that… but, well…



On a related note, Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) will reach its end of support this summer on July 13th. There are more positive memories of XP SP2, largely because of its emphasis on security.

However, that emphasis did come at a cost. Development resources at Microsoft were diverted from Vista and were given to XP SP2. Ironic? In any case, if you have Vista RTM or XP SP2 you should visit the Microsoft Download Center and update to the latest Service Pack sooner than later.

Just in case you were wondering, Windows 7 will be supported until January 13th, 2015.