twitter-top In kicking off Twitter’s Chirp developer conference, the company finally revealed its long mysterious registered user number, and it’s surprisingly large (based on some prior outside estimates): 105 million, or to be exact, 105,779,710, according to a slide showing behind Co-founder Biz Stone during his opening remarks.

The growth’s not over either — Twitter says its still adding 300,000 users per day. Moreover, as many have speculated, most of Twitter’s traffic — 75% of it in fact — comes from third-party clients and applications.

Twitter also says that it’s seeing 600 million search queries per day, which gives us a sense of the reach of the company’s new “Promoted Tweets” platform.

While those numbers still put the company’s user count significantly behind that of Facebook (which recently passed 400 million users) the gap is narrower than many probably perceived.

More to come …