The Telegraph, one of the biggest newspapers in the UK, hasn’t had a good time of it lately where their website is concerned. There were vulnerabilities found in relation to the site back in March involving database access, and it seems a hacking group has gone in and defaced two subdomains.

These are the two subdomains in question:


They appear to have been compromised by “R.N.S. – Romanian National Security”. Here’s a screenshot, both defacements are identical:


Both pages play some music – “The Lonely Shepard”, from a .ru domain (you’ll also notice a rather bizarre link to a Top Gear: Romania clip hosted on Youtube). I put the text into Google Translate and (of course) it isn’t perfect, but you’ll get the gist of it:

“We tried to see how some “garbage” as you try to mock his country.
Let us create a completely different picture from the real one, and calling us “Romanian Gypsies” disseminating gender issues still

If you had the nerve to angry an entire country, know that we will not stop here! Romania

_Guess What, Gypsies aren’t Romanians, morons.”
We’ve notified The Telegraph, and hopefully the pages will be back to normal soon.