Earlier today, a staging site for the HTC Incredible was found on Verizon’s servers with information about its release date and new name. According to the site — which is now password-protected — the Droid Incredible by HTC will launch on April 29.
As we mentioned yesterday, the specs behind HTC’s latest device are pretty drool-worthy: a Snapdragon CPU, an 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and video, a 480×800 OLED screen — it pretty much looks like the next great Android device.

Given the similarities between the Incredible and the Google Nexus One, jkOnTheRun questions the viability of both phones ending up on the Verizon network. Because the HTC Incredible will carry Verizon’s Droid branding (and clearly features the Sense UI), it isn’t likely that the phone will be sold directly through Google, a la the Nexus One. So does that mean that the Nexus One is still coming to Verizon?


The Nexus One is now available for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint subscribers in the United States, making Verizon the only major carrier that doesn’t support the phone. Google’s Nexus One page still says “Coming Spring 2010,” and while that technically means it may still appear in late June, it will be interesting to see whether or not the Droid Incredible changes the scenario.

For consumers, it ultimately may not matter if the Nexus One officially arrives on Verizon or not, especially since the Droid Incredible will offer the same features plus a better camera. Verizon or Android users: Are you interested in getting the Droid Incredible? Let us know.