AP Stylebook Finally Changes “Web site” to “website”

1 minute read

apstylebook This might not mean much if you’re not writing or editing a tech blog, but news that the AP – whose stylebook is still the standard for all things grammar and punctuation in the news world — is officially changing “Web site” to “website” was met with a warm reception in our newsroom (and likely quite a few others) this afternoon.

We’d actually gone rogue on the issue ourselves several months ago, thinking that “Web site” was a rather antiquated way for describing “a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web.”

According to a tweet from the AP Stylebook, the change is noted as of today on its web version, and will be included in the next print edition, due out next month. We’re pretty ecstatic about the change, and hold our collective breath for other possible updates, such as changing “e-mail” to “email.”