facebookgraph Buddy Media already helps big brands do more with their Facebook presence. Today the company is extending its service to include Facebook Open Graph integration.

This update is about connecting the dots between user activity on and off Facebook — think the “Like” button — so that platform users can manage and track their website’s Facebook performance in addition to Page performance and content. They’ve also added real-time analytics for all social activity and a new publish option so that clients can connect with customers who “liked” content on their sites.

The end game here all about driving more interest in brand content via Facebook — whether within or outside the wall — and doing so using a single platform for a global view of activities.

The company claims that these social integrations have already helped the NHL increase their site traffic by 353% and grow Facebook fans by 25% in just nine days. This early example demonstrates the potential power of the seamless Facebook social plugins, proving that the auto-publish-to-Facebook behavior of those little “Like” buttons translates to more traffic and more fans.

What Buddy Media aims to do with today’s feature upgrade is to help brands better leverage and maximize this viral loop.