Usually I have to wonder how much inventiveness the spammers and Phishers show. But, from time to time, it is funny to see some really stupid Phishing attempts. I do hope that nobody is falling for these puny attempts to fake Paypal we found today.

The email below is being sent with a German subject line and it is pretending to come from a German mail address, but the mail itself is written in English and it is allegedly pointing to instead of


The first target of the URL is an address from Brazil and the final target is a website from Belgium. The phishers didn’t even bother to hide anything during these redirects.


The fake website is even implementing basic security measures, but again, in a careless way:


It seems that the fraudsters are using Phishing kits to generate these fake websites and to send out the spam, but are so careless about the details that they have no chance to fool someone and thus to Phish something.