windowsphone_logo Windows Phone 7 officially launched 11Oct at a press event in NYC Monday morning.  You can check out more here –

By the way, if you have any doubts about the platform or it’s responsiveness, you should really watch this video here –

Seriously, watch the video.  The responsiveness of the device is just flat out amazing.  No lag whatsoever.  If you’ve been a Windows Mobile user, this is a VERY, VERY good thing to see.  I currently have a HTC Touch Pro 2 and the delay is soooo irritating.  It’s even faster than my ZuneHD.  Wait until you see the Bing Maps responsiveness, or the Bing Search (using Voice) feature.

So keep an open mind, ignore the BS you’ve heard and take a look for yourself.  I personally can’t wait to get my hands on one but unfortunately I’ll be waiting until next year since I am a very loyal Sprint customer.

Microsoft has already promised a 1.1 update in ‘early 2011’ that will add the missing copy/cut/paste features among other unannounced things.  This is fantastic.  Read more here –

Credit to Matt Freestone