During a 90-minute presentation on Wednesday at Apple headquarters, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s latest thinner MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch models, along with the new operating system. The redesigned Mac notebook combines features from the iPhone and iPad with those of a MacBook. The new MacBook Air features a multi-touch that offers you an iPad/iPhone-like experience. Instead of a hard drive, the new thinner, lighter and expensive Mac laptop uses flash storage. Jobs said that all notebooks will be like this someday and added that the Air is the future of the MacBook and all laptops.

Specs at a glance – MacBook Air (11-inch)

• Height: 0.11-0.68 inches

• Width:11.8 inches

• Depth:7.56 inches

• Weight: 2.3 pounds

• Processor: 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor

• Flash storage: 64GB to 128GB

• Connections: USB 2.0, headphone, mic

• Battery: up to five hours

While the 11-inch Air with a 64GB memory will set you back £999, the 13-inch version with 256GB of storage is set to cost you £1,549.

What others are saying?

Kevin Hall from Dvice says…

There’s no doubt that Apple has turned the Air into something far more interesting than the gimmick it first came off as. Only time will tell how far Apple pursues this marriage of its mobile and laptop philosophies.

Matt Tinsley from TUAW says…

At this stage, it’s not clear whether all new Macs are shipping without Flash or if it’s just the new MacBook Air models. Either way, Apple is sending a pretty clear message to web developers and consumers alike: they don’t like Flash.

Brian Caulfield from Forbes says…

The most remarkable feature, however, isn’t cosmetic, it’s these machine’s boot time. Bootup takes less than 15 seconds, according to my watch. That’s a good deal less than the roughly 50 seconds it takes my trusty Windows laptop to come to life.

Brooke Crothers from CNet says…

The new MacBook Air offers an interesting paradox: a spanking-new, ultra-thin design that is wrapped around old Intel chips.


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